Offbeat Cooperative + DISTEMPER 22.05.2015 // Cottbus

Zum Record Release haben wir es im Muggefug in Cottbus krachen lassen. Ein herzliches Dank an das gesamte Team vom  Muggefug e.V. für die Einladung und den tollen Abend. Mit dabei waren die Ska-Punk Legenden von DISTEMPER. Julius Zimmermann, der uns schon seit Anfang an mit seiner Kamera begleitet, hat ein paar unvergessliche Momente vom Konzert in Cottbus festgehalten. Aber seht selbst… [Alle Rechte vorbehalten!]

On May 22nd, we celebrated the record release of our first EP at the Muggefug in Cottbus. A huge shout-out to the guys from Muggefug for inviting us and hosting a great show that night. The hightlight of the evening were the legendary DISTEMPER from Moscow, Russia. They played the second last gig of a crazy Germany tour. Julius Zimmermann, a photographer and friend who has been with us since we first entered a stage, took the following pictures for you. Please respect him and his work. All rights are reserved. If you want to use any of these images, please contact us through the mail provided in the impressum.


distemper headline

IMG_6240IMG_6552 IMG_6545-2 IMG_6512 IMG_6509-2 IMG_6463-2 IMG_6458-2IMG_6436 IMG_6434 IMG_6421 IMG_6326 IMG_6316 IMG_6312IMG_6625



oc headline

IMG_5820IMG_5850 IMG_5777 IMG_6109 IMG_6125IMG_6006IMG_6100IMG_6009 IMG_6084 IMG_6043IMG_6021 IMG_5852IMG_6018

IMG_5943 IMG_5934IMG_5874
IMG_6035IMG_6649 IMG_6658

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